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John Clifford

Very interesting article and one that I can substantiate based upon owning a retail business for almost ten years... what the customer wants and what the customer SAYS he wants are two different things.

I have one nit to pick, however. That single-location furniture store that has $200M in annual sales? That's at least $550k per day, every day of the year, including everything but Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Hmmm... half-a-mil' in sales each and every day is $40k per hour in sales for a 12-hour day. That's $800 in sales every single minute. We're talking 30 Ethan Allen-category couches an hour, or 20 expensive dining room tables in that same hour. The local Costco here doesn't do that kind of business. Neither does the 12-aisle grocery store.

I'm not buying it.

Frank Ferrao

Hey Steve Ray,

your book is a booklet and the rest is a CD, why dont u sell the booklet as a pdf and the audio as a download for ipod.. or just put it on audible.com

imagination in marketing hmmm intersting idea.


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