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Jeff Muchnik

I am inquiring as to whether you can post our information below on your blog, email our info to any author/writer you know, and send our info to any suitable blog that you be live would be suitable. I would be eternally grateful. Thank you
As a Publishing Company with lots to offer authors and writers of all types, my Wife & I would like to make us more visible to all authors and writers who want to get their work published and sold. We have contacts with PR, Websites, Internet Marketing, Advertising, Accountants, Lawyers, Sales, Fulfillment, Editing, Proofreading, TV/Radio, Books Fair, and other companies that can start or grow the sales of any type of written material. We, Vincent Press Publishing Inc., in San Diego, CA can be reached by email at jeffmuchnik@yahoo.com. Thank you to all who are Mensches.

Jeff Muchnik

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