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Stuart White

What hits me about this story is that it is a story and as such holds more power in the telling and the hearing than any ad that Holiday Inn could create to counter it. Why corporations fail to recognize the power of story telling among consumers who are looking for insight into a product or service they are thinking about purchasing or using escapes me. But this story reinforces my conviction that stories from real people about real experiences are the most powerful way of conveying marketing information from one consumer to another.

Randy Allsbury

Secret Formulas Workshop
This past week Roy H. Williams, head professor and dean of Wizard Academy rolled out the new class for the Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads workshop. I was fortunate enough to attend. WOW! The Wizard taught us how to implement the Advertising Performance Equation (APE), the importance of finding your "Sword in the Stone" and then how to find your "Sword in the Stone". "Sword in the Stone" that one thing that everything in your business revolves around. That one main thing that is non-negotiable. It's that one thing Cult Brands are made of. I've been studying the Wizard's stuff for quite some time. This workshop was an eye opener!!!

Randy Allsbury

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