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  • AN ENDORSEMENT OF STEVE RAE What is the difference between a ‘good’ public speaker and a ‘great’ public speaker? We have all experienced both. A ‘great’ public speaker is one who has an engaging personality and can reach his or her audience. He or she has an awesome command of the subject material being presented and presents the material in a colourful and entertaining manner. A great public speaker has an interesting story, a strong voice and noticeable presence. Steve Rae is a ‘great’ public speaker. He has great passion for the topics he chooses to speak on, and clearly loves to speak about these topics. I recently instructed 4th year students at Ryerson University in Broadcast Advertising and Sales. When Steve Rae accepted my invitation to speak to the class about “What makes people do the things they do”, I had several colleagues in the industry ask if they could join the class and listen to Steve speak. His reputation precedes him. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a presentation by Steve Rae, don’t miss it!! Maxine Armstrong CHUM Radio, Account Manager
  • Dear Steve
    NATIONAL COMMERCIAL RADIO CONFERENCE On behalf of the industry I would like to thank you for presenting at the National Commercial Radio COnference at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Your presentation was widely regarded as one of the best and many commented they would have liked more time with you. Once again, thanks for your involvement and hope to catch up with you again in the future. Yours Sincerely, Joan Warner Chief Executive Officer Commercial Radio Australia Ltd.
  • Dear Steve
    Dear Steve; I could thank you for taking time out of your day to speak to our students. But I'm not going to do that. What I am going to do is thank you for inspiring our students to do and be better. Since your presentation, I've seen a powerful improvement in the copy coming out of my writing class. The students that "hate" writing are now showing an infectious enthusiasm for the power of the industry thay are about to enter. You influence has reached far beyond the individuals that were in that room. Your comments, concepts and observations are spreading through the entire program like sunshine at sunrise. I hope the experience was as positive for you as it was for us. I'd love to have you back! Sincerely, Sivana Babchishin Instructor, NAIT Radio/Television Program Edmonton, Alberta
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  • The One Day Radio Station Event
    Morning session -Structured for radio account executives and advertising clients Afternoon session – Radio staff only Wizard of Ads teachings from a new and different perspective. "What makes people do the things that they do?" • Increase the impact quotient of your words in ways perfected by poet Robert Frost, children's author Dr. Seuss and others. • How to speak to Right brain dominants with rhythm and word patterns. • How to speak to Left brain dominants with words that impact specific sections of the brain. • The 12 Most Common Advertising Mistakes • Selling your customers their way. • Transactional vs Relational Customers • How memory works and how best to access it. Share the knowledge of understanding advertising principles. Steve Rae Wizard of Ads, Steve Rae Ltd. 376 Romeo Street S Stratford, ON N5A 4T9 ph: 519-271-2450 fx: 519-271-3102
  • 2 hour event
    Description: The 2 hour Event This two hour seminar is structured for any business owner or manager who would like to discover, "What makes people do the things that they do?". Whether you’ve had the opportunity to see The Wizard of Ads Roy Williams in the past or not, his partner, Steve Rae is sure to illuminate many of the Wizard’s teachings from a new and different perspective. Enter the Magical World of the Wizard of Ads with this 2 hour event. The "Magical Worlds" curriculum of the Wizard Academy is taught in a dynamic 3 day course at the Wizard's Castle in Austin, Texas but this 2 hour seminar cracks the cranium and starts the search for answers with information on: • The 12 Most Common Advertising Mistakes • Branding- The right stuff • The Law of Seed, Time and Harvest • How our brains work the way they do • Intellect vs. Emotion Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in this unique session and share it with your staff and clients. Anybody who uses persuasion in their line of work should see this seminar. Unlock your knowledge with the Wizard’s understanding of persuasion principles.

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  • Email or call 519-271-2450